Special Remittance

Remission system aims at the reformation of prisoner and the scheme is intended to ensure prison discipline and good conduct on the part of the prisoners and to encourage them to learning and better work culture, with the prospect of their early release from prison as incentive.  

Remission is a concession, which can be granted to prisoners by the State Government or by the Head of Directorate of Prison and Superintendent of Prison. This concession shall be subjected to subsequent withdrawal or forfeiture or revocation and the State Government reserves the right to debar or withdraw any prisoner, or category of prisoners, from the concession of remission.

Remission in sentence granted by Government under section 432 of code of criminal procedure 1973. The Government may remit the sentence of a prisoner, other than life convict, on case to case basis by the procedure laid down under section 432 of the code of criminal procedure 1973.