RTI – About the Organization

1. Aim & Objective of the Organization:
The Organization’s aim is to keep the convicts/ under trial Prisoners in proper and safe custody and to look after their all round care where they are confined in different prisons.
It is also the look out of the organization to see that the inmates confined in prisons are properly fed with the allotted amount provided by Government. Besides proper health Care and sanitation are also looked after for safe stay of the prisoners.
Various vocations are provided to the convict Prisoners under different jail industries ,gardening & pisciculture etc. The inmates in jails are also being supplied with daily News papers, Magazines, Library Books, T.V sets, Fans, Carom Board, Ludo, Chess in order to provide for their entertainment and engagement.
Willing inmates are also being made literates by providing them study materials and engaging teachers for them. The inmates who desire to prosecute higher studies are being given facilities by providing Text Books up to Matriculation and also in certain important jails such as Berhampur, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar study centers for higher education have also been opened through IGNOU in order to help desired inmates for carrying out their higher studies. Computer education is also provided in some Jails to the interested inmates.
Various NGOs have also extended their helping hands for providing study materials, Examination fees, to the inmates of the jails for their better education.
Many philanthropic organizations are also conducting Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual discussion at regular intervals in almost all jails in order to bring psychological change and mental peace of the inmates.
Inmates of the Jail also get their incentive for their engagement in various jail industries, gardening and agriculture activities and pisciculture and keep their amount in their individual Pass Books which help them after their release from the jails.

2. Mission/ Vision:
The main vision of the organization is to reform the convicts in such a manner by giving them education, training in jail Industries and gardening in such a way that after their release they are to be equipped with skill knowledge and Technique so that they can establish themselves in the society and can mix in the mainstream of the society and can be made self sufficient in order to earn livelihood for his family and for himself.

3. Brief History & Background for its Establishment:
Since ages Crimes and their perpetrators have remained a headache for peace loving society.Jails have been established to house them till completion of convictions/interim orders pronounced by Courts.In the present day society, much more importance is attached to Human Rights and Human dignity. In jails there is no inhuman punishment which was earlier given and standard diets are also provided to the inmates.
The main aim of establishment of the jails at present is to reform the inmates in various ways by giving them proper diet, education, engagement in various jail industries, gardening, providing them various types of entertainments.
Besides to bring changes in their mental attitude both psychologically and mentally and to make the inmates to be equipped well so as to establish himself in the society after release from jail & join the mainstream.

4. Allocation of Business:
The entire work of Prisons Directorate including 87 nos. of jails and 59 nos. of Correctional Institutions are being looked after by the Directorate. I.G. of Prisons(addl DGP), Addl. I.G. of Prisons, and D.I.G. of Prisons and A.I.G. of Prisons inspect various jails and correctional institutions and guide them. All necessary correspondences are being made with the above institutions. The I.G. of Prisons looks after the work of Prisons Directorate with the Sr. Officers such as Addl. I.G. of Prisons, D.I.G. of Prisons and A.I.G. of Prisons. The A.O. attached to Prisons Directorate is looking after the Budget, Accounts, Audit and Purchase of the Prisons Directorate. Chief Probation Officer attached to Prisons Directorate is looking after the activities of the correctional institutions, which perform the welfare measures for the prisoners. The I.G. of Prisons transfers the convicts from one jail to other on the ground of personal convenience and on administrative ground. Besides, I.G. of Prisons allows the convicts to proceed on furlough and parole leave basing on the recommendation of the concerned D.M. & S.P. All administrative works including renovation and construction of jail building and staff quarters are also being looked after by the I.G. of Prisons. The correctional measures needed for the prisoners are also being looked after by the I.G. of Prisons.

5. Duties to be performed to achieve the Mission:
The main aim of Prisons Directorate is to keep the prisoners in different prisons in safe custody with good health. There are large numbers of prisons staff such as 5 Sr. Suptd. of Circle Jail, 9 Supdt. of Dist. Jails, 2 Suptd. of Spl. Jails & one Supdt in Open Air Jail namely ‘Biju Patnaik Open Air Ashram’, Jamujhari, One Female Prison namely ‘Nari Bandi Niketan’ at Sambalpur,One Convict jail at Radharamanpur and 68 nos. of Sub-Jails/Spl subjails scattered throughout the State of Odisha. All the welfare measures of the prisoners including their physical, mental and spiritual development are being looked after by the prison staff. Besides, one Prison Academy at Jamujhari is functioning for imparting training to the Jail officers/Correctional officers/ Guarding Staff.

6. Details of service Rendered:
The staff of Correctional wing i.e. 4 Regional Probation Officers, 15 District Probation Officers, 39 Sub-Divisional Probation Officers/ Prison Welfare Officers, one C.P.O. are looking after the well being and all welfare measures of the prisons.

7. Citizen Interaction:
There is no such interaction of the citizens in general towards the Prisons Establishment in various parts of the state except mulakats, legal awareness/advice by prisoners with families/advocates etc.Only approved Officers/members of Board are permitted to visit jails for official inspections etc.

8. Postal address of Main Office:
The postal address of Prisons Directorate is located is as follows:
D.G. of Prisons & D.C.S., Odisha,
3rd floor, Southern Wing (Heads of Deptt. Building)

9. Working Hours Both for Office & Public:
The office working hour is from 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. (except holidays).

10. Public Interaction if any:
Public interaction is there so far as the Prisons Directorate is concerned for disposal of grievances.

11. Grievance Rendered Mechanism:
Generally the grievances of the public as well as staff of Prisons Directorate are being heard by the D.G. of Prisons & DCS, Odisha on working days.