Sambalpur Circle Jail

Sambalpur Circle

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Sri Biren Sahoo

Superintendent Office Tel.No :0663-2411968
Joined Since February 20, 2020

Area of Jail

Inner Area Land8.340 Acres(approx.)
Area of Jail Garden/Outer Area Land19.720 Acres(aaprox.)
Total Jail Area Land28.060 Acres.

Address of Jail


Circle Jail, Sambalpur is situated in the midst of the Sambalpur City. All total 19 jails of different categories of Western Odisha (including this Circle Jail) are coming under Sambalpur Circle. Posting, transfer and other service related matters of all guarding staffs of these jails/ sub-jails are being managed by this Circle Establishment.

History of Jail

During the British Era in pre-independence time, the Circle Jail, Sambalpur was established in the year’ 1883 for confining persons participated in the free India movement. Gradually the jail became a place for lodging antisocial, criminals, unruly persons of the society in order to let the public live in peace and to maintain law & order in Sambalpur district. As per available ROR the total area of Circle Jail, Sambalpur is 28.060 acres. Out of which, total perimeter area (inside Jail) construction area is approximately 6.020 acres and rest area includes, jail garden, staff quarters, jail pond etc. In the open space seasonal vegetables are used to grown up and out of which revenue receipts is being generated & deposited into the State exchequer. The schedule capacity of this Circle Jail is as under for accommodation of different categories of prisoners.

Sanction Strength of Prisoners

Prisoners TypeActual StrengthPresent StrengthVacant



                   There is a Hospital available inside the jail premises for better health care of all inmates. The regular posts of Jail Medical Officer & Psychiatrist is lying vacant since long. One Medical Officer & a Psychiatrist attending the medical care of prisoners on deputation from the District Head-quarters Hospital, Sambalpur on regular intervals. The jail hospital has both Outdoor & Indoor facilities. One regular Pharmacist & an Extra Temporary Male Nursing Orderly managing the health aspect of all inmates with medical attendants engaged out of long term Convicts. At the time of necessity patient prisoners are being shifted to DHH, Sambalpur/ VIMSAR, Burla/ SCBMCH, Cuttack for higher management. 


                        Free legal aid provided to all poor and needy inmates with the help of the DLSA, Sambalpur. No prisoner left unrepresented in any case. A Legal Aid Clinic is functioning inside the jail to find out needy prisoners and to counsel them about the utility of legal aid facilities provided by the government. A number of BPL category prisoners availed the legal aid facilities.


                        Colour TV sets with cable connection provided to all wards for entertainment of all inmates and to keep them aware of outside world. Indoor games like Chess board, Ludu, Volley Ball etc are also provided to divert their mind in a positive direction. Musical instruments also supplied   for developing their efficiency in that field. Religious programmes are being organized for their mental & spiritual development. Festivals like Holi, Shiv Ratri, Id-Ul-Fitre, Christmas Day etc are being observed among the inmates for their happy living inside the bar. 


                        A School is functioning iside the Circle Jail for making illiterate prisoners literate. One Teacher is engaged for the purpose. One library is also available with different good books for the inmates. Interested prisoners are being issued books for their reference and learning.  


               Welfare of prisoners mainly convicts are being taken care of sincerely. The Prison Welfare Officer is working for the welfare of injmates such as processing of Parole/ furlough/ premature release proposals. He also helping UTPs in preparing their petitions for different purposes such as change of advocates, availing benefit under  different schemes of the Central/ State government.

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