Banki Sub-Jail

Choudwar Circle

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Ashok Kumar Behera

Superintendent Office Tel.No :06723240239
Joined Since April 8, 2020

Area of Jail

Inner Area Land0.16Dec
Area of Jail Garden/Outer Area Land Acrs 02.33 Dec out of which another 0.10Dec is taken for extension of jail of 20 capacity ward along with perimeter wall at present
Total Jail Area LandAcrs 02.49 Dec.

Address of Jail

The Superintendent


Sub-Jail,Banki is situated in the heart of the Sub-division,Banki The temple of Godess “CHARCHIKA” is 500mtr and Lake of “ ANSUPA” is nearer about 08Km away from this Jail.The longest river of Odisha named “MAHANADI” is also running near to 500mtrs. The attomsphere of this place is very calm & quite as it is sourrounded by forest ,river,hilly-catchment.and Pilgrimage. Apart this Court,Police Station,Medical,College and other is very nearer to it. In the Jail premises ,Quarters for both officer and guarding staff are very good for accommodation. It is very small Jail of the satate of Odisha and only 02(two)Nos. of ward(01for Male and 01 for female) are available for Prison accommodation. Another 20capacity male ward along with extended perimeter wall is under construction. Entire Jail are covered by compound wall except small poind which is possession of both health and jail department. There is no area for cultivation or gardening.

History of Jail

It was established in the year 1927 at the time of British Ruler. Several poets are borned in this place.Freedom fighters has been confined as per report of local people.

Sanction Strength of Prisoners

Prisoners TypeActual StrengthPresent StrengthVacant
Male 20 18 02
Female 02 NILL 02
Total 22 18 04


  • Medical facility for prisoners is very good as S.C.B,Cuttack is 50Km away from it

Important Places

  • Temple of Godess MAA Charchika
  • The Lake of Ansupa
  • The Temple of God Baideswar
  • Chandaka Abhayaranya
  • Longest River Mohandai

Staff Pattern

Jailor-cum-Superintendent 01
Asst.Jailor 01
Sub-Asst.Jailor 01
Chief Warder 02
Male Warder 08
Female Warder 02
Pharmacist 01Contractual
Doctor 01Contractual
Sweeper 01Contractual due to post abolish