Athmallik Sub-Jail

Choudwar Circle

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Sri Samarendra Dehury

Superintendent Office Tel.No :06763-254231
Joined Since March 5, 2020

Area of Jail

Inner Area Land1.25 Acres
Area of Jail Garden/Outer Area Land1.02 Acres
Total Jail Area Land2.27 Acres

Address of Jail

AT/PO/PS- Athmallik, Dist-Angul, State- Odisha, Pin-759125


The Sub-Jail, Athmallik was established in the year 1938. It is in the District of Angul, Odisha & it comes under Cuttack Prison Circle and Sambalpur Range. The total area of the Jail land is 2.27 Acres. It is situated at the near Gandhi Park Chhowk, Athmallik.

History of Jail

Established in the year 1938 by the then King of Athmallik Gadajat Sri Mahendra Deo.

Sanction Strength of Prisoners

Prisoners TypeActual StrengthPresent StrengthVacant
Male 51 91 00
Female 07 02 05
Total 58 93 05


  • The jail having Video Conferencing facilities for production of UTPs in the trying Hon’ble Courts. The Schedule capacity of the jail is 58. Out of which 51 capacity for male & 08 for female. The entire jail is under the CCTV surveillance which monitor by the Superintendent.
  • The District Committee Angul headed by the Hon’ble District & Sessions Judge, Angul, the Collector & District Magistrate,Angul, the Superintendent of Police, Angul & the Chief District Medical Officer, Angul are visiting the jail every quarter to look after the health, hygiene, quality of food supplied to prisoner & status of their cases etc.
  • The Omm Shanti Spiritual Organization, The Prison Ministry of India Organization are organising spiritual programme inside the jail to built the moral & social character among the inmates which motives them to come into the main stream of the society.
  • All male and female wards have been supplied Colour TV with Dish and cable connection facilities for entertainment of prisoner. In addition to this Carom Boards, Ludu have been provided for the recreational purpose of the inmates. One post paid land phone is available for inmates in order to facilities the inmates to contact with their family members and legal advisers. Two daily odia news paper “Sambad” and “Samaj” are being subscribed for reading of inmates.
  • The John Augustus Prison & Social Welfare Services, Athagarh, Cuttack distributed Study Book & Study materials & Examination Fees to the Children’s of inmates every year.
  • There is a dispensary available inside the Jail. One part time Medical Officer (S.D. Hospital, Athmallik) has been appointed to see the health aspect of the inmates. One regular Pharmacist has been posted to attend daily health complaint of the inmates round the clock. Medicines are being purchased from local market on the prescription issued by the Part time Jail Medical Officer. In emergency case, the sick inmates are being sent to Sub-Divisional Hospital, Athmallik, District Head Quarter Hospital, Angul and S.C.B. Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack for specialized treatment as per the circumstance demands. All the entire psychiatric patients are taking medicines regularly as per advice of the Psychiatrist of Circle Jail, Choudwar
  • There are 08 Nos. day latrine and 03 Nos. of night latrine for use of male inmates and 03 Nos. latrine for female prisoner with running water facility. All latrines have water taps and 03 Nos. commode latrines available for using of sick and old age prisoner. One sweeper is available for sweeping and conservancy work inside the jail premises.
  • Almost all the prisoner have engaged own lawyers to defend their cases. Legal Aid facility is being extended to the needy prisoners who are willing to appoint Legal Aid advocates to defend their cases. The Jail Legal Aid Clinic is being conducted 04 days in a week since January 2016 under the guidance and supervision of the panel lawyer and trained Para Legal Volunteer appointment by the Hon’ble Chairman Taluk Legal Service Committee, Athmallik. The Jail Legal Aid clinic is providing necessary legal advice both to the UTPs and Convicts including the advice in relation to their legal problem faced by the family members. The panel lawyer and Para Legal volunteer are also facilitated forwarding of prisoner petition, appeal, etc. to the appropriate authority as expeditiously are possible.
  • Light arrangement of the jail is very good. Total area covered by the 02 Mini max lights and 10 Nos. of LED Ford light.

Important Places

  • Shree Siddheswar Baba Temple (Hot Spring) Deulajhari
  • Maa Binikeyee Temple

Staff Pattern

Jailor-cum-Superintendent 01
Asst. Jailor 01
Sub-Asst. Jailor 01
Pharmacist 01
Chief Warder 02
Warder 08
Female Warder 02
Jail Medical Officer (Contractual) 01
Sweeper 00