History of Jail

The word “Prison” the synonym of the word ‘Jail’ has been defined as a place properly arranged and equipped for reception of persons who by legal process are committed to it for safe custody while awaiting trial or for punishment.

Lord Macaulay, a member of the Indian Law Commission initiated the Prison reform in 1835 for the first time in India. Indian Prisons Act of 1894 regulated the prison system in the country. At that time there were 43 civil, 75 criminal and 68 mixed jails in India. These jails were run by District Magistrates.

The Prisons play a vital role in the Administration of Criminal Justice system and assisting the courts in due execution of the sentences awarded by them. 

Types of Jail:

  • Circle Jail
  • District Jail
  • Special Jail
  • Special Sub Jail
  • Sub Jail
  • Women Jail
  • Open Air Jail
  • Convict Jail