About the Academy

Aim of the Acadamy

The old School of thought on treatment of prisoners by the retributive and punitive methods has been replaced by modern concept of correction, reformation and rehabilitation. The purpose and justification of imprisonment is correction and reformation of offenders and protection of society from crime. Hence the prison administration aims at ensuring return of offender to the society not only as a law abiding citizen but also as an able human being to lead a well adjusted and self supportive life.


  • To prepare prison and correctional officers as leaders, who will lead the Correctional Services with uprightness, dedication, courage and a strong sense of service to the people, to achieve the goals of reformation, rehabilitation and reintegration of prison inmates into society.
  • To become a “Centre of Excellence” in Prisons and Correctional Training in our country. It aims to do so by imparting highest standards of performance professionalism, thereby inculcating values, skills and attitudes necessary to achieve the organizational objectives of safe custody of inmates, their care and correction to make them good citizens of the society through our properly trained and skilled personnel.

Mission Statement

  • To impart quality training in Correctional Administration and allied subjects to the correctional officers of our State.
  • To inculcate in them, such values, standards to help them to discharge their duties better. In particular it will try to inculcate integrity of the highest order, sensitivity to aspirations of the people in fast changing social milieu, respect for human rights, law and justice, high standard of professionalism, physical fitness and mental alertness.
  • To promote excellence by investing in human resource development through training and research and by fostering co-operation and co-ordination for common vision.
  • To train and educate prison personnel with highest level of professionalism and provide the state with skilled prison and correctional personnel who would strive towards promoting the dynamic prison system to make it safe, secured and conducive environment for the inmates for their correction and rehabilitation. The mission should be, to make all efforts to ensure that the prisoners become reformed and self sustainable individuals with acceptable social behaviour on release after their completion of sentence.